Jeremy Palmer is Getting into Coaching

Jeremy Palmer the super affiliate is offering a new service – coaching. I talked to him a few days ago and he didn't mention it. In fact, it seems like CJU would be the perfect place to tell people about his plans.

He says he'll reveal every program and tool he uses to be a million dollar affiliate. As you may know, the people he's coached have been very successful. One is Justin Bowen, who just won a Commission Junction award for greatness. One thing you might want to know going into affiliate marketing as a search affiliate you'll need thousands of dollars to invest up-front. That was somewhat of a shock to me when I was new to this.

I don't see a blog post with details but I'm sure that's coming. I don't know if there is an affiliate program attached. I'm not sure how long the program is but it starts September 25, 2007. Not a lot of lead time! However, I'm sure there are people who will jump to learn from a super affiliate. He's teaming up with Anik from Affiliate Classroom.

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