Jeremy Palmer Speaking at CJU

I meant to blog about Commission Junction University (CJU) sooner. I was really hoping to go. It started today, September 17 until the 19th. This is the premiere affiliate marketing event. Jeremy is speaking today about Revenue and Relationships in affiliate marketing. Watch the Revenews blogs! There's a good summary of Jeremy's speech on Vinny Lingham's blog. Looks like Jeremy made a plug for RMAMA – Utah's affiliate marketing association.

If you've been thinking of buying Jeremy Palmer's ebook do it before the end of the month so you can get unlimited updates. After that you just get a year. I refer to mine often when I'm designing landing pages (along with MarketingSherpa's comprehensive guide).

Jeremy is a keyword research expert. He goes over the different types of keywords: Browse, Compare and Buy. When running pay-per-click ads, spend more on the buy keywords (often specific product names and models) than you do on the browse terms (very general terms). Always use negative keywords.

I remembered again to try local search on your ads to keep costs down. I don't know if this applies as much in my industry but the next time I run ads on consumer products I will try it.

I wonder if there will be video of any of the talks. I hope so.

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