Jeremy Palmer’s Friends Talk about Their Affiliate Marketing Success

Jeremy Palmer has a whole new training system for affiliates that was launched this week. I blogged about it earlier. Being that I have an inside scoop on this, I wanted to say that the guys in the video are real. In fact, I met two of them at Commission Junction University this year. The other is a graphic designer who designed my Affiliate Flash logo. It's nice to actually know people and know that affiliate marketing completely changed their lives. It's real and legit. Honestly, if you have the technical skills and just need to add the marketing, this is what you need to start seeing results.

Since this is a big launch I'm talking it up. Affiliate managers often have affiliates who need more training. Most affiliates don't make a cent for them but take up time because they want to do better. This is a complete training system for affiliates and it is quality.

It's exciting to see that each one of the people Jeremy has trained have become CJ Performers like he is. That means they make a minimum of $10k a month in commissions. Check out the video by James Hamby. He doesn't look like the typical millionaire and my friend Nate and I met him at CJU while we were in line for lunch. What is amazing about CJU is everyone you talk to are the top in the industry.

Here are the videos from Dustin Hassard, James Hamby, and Justin Bowen. Justin, very classy job on your video.

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