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I just read a feature about blogger John Chow on the Unusual Business Ideas that Work blog. I met John Chow at Blogworld a few months ago. The post talks about how much he's made from blogging – $25k a month. He started out making $300 a month. He spends about $550 a month in expenses. He's only been blogging for a little over a year.

The article talks about how he makes money giving away his ebook free (with affiliate links). The article says he uses more than 100 ad networks, like AuctionAds and Kontera ContentLink. 100 ad networks – my head hurts thinking about managing that!

“There are no rules or limits in blogging,” he said. “Your earning power is only limited by the traffic you can attract.” Which is the same with web sites, only blogs take a lot less effort to update.

Today my business partner and I met Courtney Tuttle (you should read his blog too). We discussed how web sites attract people once and they usually don't return. Blogs create a community that people return to again and again to read the latest. That's why blogs and social networks have such marketing power.

They sum up with this: Blogging isn't just a pastime or marketing gambit anymore; it's a living.

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