Why Bloggers Love the Craftsy Affiliate Program

Bloggers, are you part of the Craftsy affiliate program?

Craftsy is one of my favorite affiliate programs and I highly recommend it to bloggers. Craftsy is part of ShareASale – sign up for the Craftsy affiliate program here. Note: there are affiliate links in this post.

Craftsy Classes Rock

Craftsy is an online education site. They feature professionally-produced pre-recorded online courses (tutorials). They have classes, both free and paid in quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, paper crafts, cake decorating, cooking, gardening, photography, art, jewelry and more. Plus there are craft supplies. Many of the classes are 4+ hours long, so it is in-depth training. Classes are taught by bloggers and other subject experts.

The best part is students can interact with their award-winning instructors and each other in the online classroom. You can watch classes anytime, anywhere. In addition, they sell supplies for your crafting projects.

How to Promote Crafty's Program and Earn Money on Your Blog

  1. You can use the discounts they offer for your own purchases and you are allowed to use your own affiliate link to take classes. This almost never happens! So take a class and then review it for your readers, showing the results of what you learned. There are so many different types of classes to choose from and they're very high quality. Take a Craftsy class now!
  2. The Craftsy affiliate program pays out 10% of every sale you refer. Craftsy rewards you for sending new customers – you get 75% of any sale for new customers. For existing customers, it's 15% (for classes). For supplies and kits, it's 10%. Cookie length is 30 days – so you get credit for any sales for up to 30 days from the time someone clicks on a link to Crafty's site on your blog.
  3. You can link to any page on Crafty's website and earn a commission if it leads to a sale. That means their blog posts, indie pattern designer patters, etc. ShareASale's custom link creator tool allows you to create deep links to anywhere on Craftsy.
  4. Craftsy has banner ads that update with each new campaign. In ShareASale make sure to find the banners that say:”Bring Creativity to Life”. When you post the HTML code for those banners on your blog/site, they automatically update with every sale. There are other banner ads that you can put in your sidebar and/or your post.Here's an example of a banner they provide:
  5. Craftsy has a huge variety of classes to choose from. There are classes on how to use a DSLR camera. Also, woodworking, cooking, sewing, quilting, gardening and more!6. Craftsy has frequent sales and they email affiliates weekly to let you know what is coming up. The best part is, your affiliate link is included. That saves you a lot of time going to look it up. They also give you a sneak peak about sales and other promotions.7. Craftsy is well managed and their affiliate manager will get back to you right away if you want to reach out. She also keeps you up-to-date on any changes or policies.
    8. You can (and should) promote their classes or supplies in your own email newsletter.

Here's my list of other affiliate programs for bloggers (content affiliates).



How to Sign up for the Crafty Affiliate Program

  1. Join ShareASale (or login if you're already a member). Go to the Merchants tab. Click “Search for Merchants” and type in Craftsy. Then find it listed and click to join the program. They approve manually so you have to wait to hear back it you've been accepted.Craftsy affiliate program
  2. Click the tab that says “Links” and “Get a Link/Banner”. Find the link or banner you want and click to get the code.
  3. Create a post with your first hand experience. List supplies needed and use affiliate links in that list (from Crafsty and/or other sites). Link to each item with your affiliate link. Use the “create custom link” tab to put a URL to any page and convert it to your affiliate link. You can also make a “License Plate Link” which is just a shortened link like a bit.ly (ideal for social media sharing).
  4. Publish your post.

Look for holiday-themed posts that do well every year on your blog and see what classes might work. Craftsy has cooking classes that fall into a holiday theme, such as roasting and pies. Cards are always popular. You can add links or banners to existing posts and/or to new blog posts.

Make sure to brainstorm ideas that will work for your blog. Pick the top two most popular posts and think about what categories they fall into. Focus on what gets the most engagement, as well as what people are searching for to organically find your site through search engines.

Hopefully that is helpful – join the Craftsy affiliate program.

More Affiliate Programs Bloggers Will Love on ShareASale:

Are you part of ShareASale? If not join here.

VidAngel – online movie screening with filtering for violence, adult content and language. Just $1 a movie (after sellback). Once you start an account and buy a movie, you can stream on your phone, iPad or other devices. They are a Utah-based company.

WP-Engine web host pays $200 per referral and is a very highly recommended web host. If you have posts about how to blog or what to do when your blog outgrows your hosting account, you could link to WP-Engine.

Gymboree/Janie & Jack/Crazy 8 – these stores have a lot of sales so if you write about kids and family, you should join this program.

Zazzle – customized products and gifts for every holiday and occasion. Where else can you order a Frozen plate with your daughter's name on it?

DCMA – the organization that alerts you when someone plagiarizes or steals content from your blog and helps you get it taken down.

Pretty Darn Cute Design – website design service. See her designs here.
Grokker Affiliate Program, an online exercise and cooking site. You get paid when people take their free trial. I love that! Sign up for Grokker by clicking here.

Blog about food? Join the Snake River Farms Affiliate Program.

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