Jon at WickedFire: I’m Never Going to Be an Affiliate Again

I'm not sure if this means Jon is going to kill his affiliate sites now but it does mark the beginning of something new for him and WickedFire. Instead he's going to run his own affiliate programs as an affiliate network (but only for his company, not other people's). I blogged about the beginning of this last year. The official launch will be at Affiliate Summit so I'll blog about it when I hear the announcement. Sounds like he's making it a real party.
Here's how he put it: “For you network owners reading this, the new program is not considered an affiliate network, more like an affiliate program for a company who owns their own sites, services, content, and payment system.”

Jon's always up to some big thing and I wish him success, which he doesn't really need. So I wish him satisfaction with his success…

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