Jonathan Volk Should Warn Newbies about PPV Affiliate Marketing

I recently wrote about Jonathan Volk's new ebook about affiliate marketers. I found out that I'm in a contest to see who can send the most people to download the free affiliate ebook. I wrote my review before I knew that.

Then I found out that I'm in the running – along with some big names in the industry. I'm the only woman on the list. That sort of lit my fire. Women are way-underrepresented in the space.

I still pretty much have no chance though. There's nothing like seeing other marketers to realize how much more you could do. My big omission is I don't have an email list. I'm not ready to maintain another thing. But I digress…

So I asked some friends to push the book and help me out. One got back to me with a concern, hence this post. In one of the chapters it goes over PPV (pay per view). This is adware marketing and it's frowned on in the industry (see this podcast from Shawn Collins about the subject of PPV).

Jonathan does well to disclose that his ebook has affiliate links in it. I have no problem with getting paid on the back end rather than charging up front. The issue is I think he should educate newbies about this practice. That it's looked on as black hat. Not even CPA networks will accept them (and CPA networks already full of issues as a part of affiliate marketing).

I still find enough value in the book as far as social media ad buys and media buys and affiliate marketing generally that I will continue to promote it. I want to hear your feedback though – look at the part about PPV and tell me what you think of the practice.

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