MarketingSherpa: Outsource your SEO, Do Online PR

Significant news from MarketingSherpa's SEO Guide Excerpt
This SEO guide was based on talking to almost 4,000 online marketers who are currently using the online marketing techniques reported. People who outsource their SEO efforts get significantly (around 30%) better results (place higher for important keywords) than those doing it in-house. Still the majority do both SEO and PPC in-house (70%).

Instead of expensive PPC campaigns, they reported on the effectiveness of PR news agencies. They found results from all of them but the best results were from Business Wire (pagerank of 8!). They also cited Market Wire, and PR Newswire. Incidently no mention of PRWeb (you need to get on their radar).

I still want to get PRWeb to speak sometime and I've tried to get Business Wire to speak at WOMA (Wasatch Online Marketing Association).

The PR news outlets get you on high ranking web sites (PRWeb has a PageRank of 7). It's a great way to get a quality backlink or two. This is how you get on Google News, Yahoo! News, MSN and other search engine news sites. So that means when you are searched for your results may appear in the worshipped Google “One Box”. You can't pay to get in the “One Box” right above the natural search results. It's a collection of news, articles, and other links Google deems important.

They mention that B-to-C marketing is slowing in keyword buys but that it's totally different in B-to-B. You have to buy the whole guide to get that data. Anyone have a copy and want to comment on this?

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