Most Effective Web 2.0 Methods for B-to-B Marketers

More on MarketingSherpa’s report are different web 2.0 methods. The number were from a smaller sample size (because they aren’t mainstream yet).

Most effective:

Optimizing your press releases for Google News and Yahoo News. On a basic level: putting keywords in your press release title and for your link text. (Judd Bagely from PR Web will tell you how at U|Tech this October. See Phil Windley’s blog post today about the conference. Phil’s blog has a PR7!).

Co-registration to build your email list. There are articles on MarketingSherpa about how to do it.

Next Effective:

Viral marketing online, corporate blogs (also covered at U|Tech), contextual advertising like adsense, and rich media advertising (video or audio).

On Business Blogging:

To be effective in this space, you must not have marketing talk. Also, management must keep their hands off. There is some risk obviously but the benefits usually far outweigh them.

Again, U|Tech is going to cover business blogging with Blake Snow telling you how.

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