The Day My WordPress Blog Disappeared

Update Feb. 2012 – I wrote this about 5 years ago, the day my WordPress blog got deleted. I never got the blog back permanently. Joseph, who works for Automatic, helped me get my blog back and then it got deleted again. I gave up and hosted my own blog. Read the comments – more than ONE affiliate link is all you need to get your blog deleted. Wait, you didn't read the terms of service either? You're taking your chances. Just to be obnoxious I put an affiliate link in this post. If I were really obnoxious I would've put two in. Yes, free has a price.

I don't know if WordPress is cracking down lately or I'm just having bad luck. I've had this wordpress hosted blog for over a year: It took on a life of it's own so I left it. Some of the comments were excellent and I didn't want to lose them. Now, everything is gone. I didn't back it up. It had a higher pagerank than this version. All those broken links, heartbreaking.

WARNING: WordPress will delete your blog with no warning and no recourse. I would remove all ads if I'd known. That's no excuse according to WordPress. No mercy. They should have a big warning that says if you put advertising on your blog it will be deleted.

I advise anyone using WordPress to host their blog on their own servers so this doesn't happen to you. Especially businesses. You can't afford to take the chance.

Here's what greeted me today:

This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service. They say: “We take complaints seriously, but please be aware that unless a blog clearly violates our Terms of Service we will not disable it.” I don't believe it.

This is maddening. How do I get my blog back?

Get your own blog WordPress can't delete (not the free version hosted by WordPress)! That's what I finally did. Bluehost will help you install your blog and host it for about $7 (updated: prices have dropped, it's now $3.95 a month). They have someone there if you call day or night 24/7 – amazing customer service:
Reliable, Affordable Business & Blog Hosting from

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