New Small Business Web Marketing Podcast

Today was episode 1 of a new venture – the Web Marketing Weekly Show. It’s a 30 min. podcast every Wednesday – live. Nigel Swaby of SEO by Swaby is my co-host. Today we talked about online press releases and our successes with clients.

Here’s how it works: we discuss a web marketing topic with each other or bring in guests. Then we briefly talk about something in the industry – news. Then we’ll read IM messages, emails and take calls – basically answer questions or give advice. We hope you’ll join us. It’s not formal and we have a fun time.

Check out the web site which will materialize and include our schedule as we go: and check out our first episode about press release success stories and Superbowl ads – the ads that ran and the ones that didn’t.

  • Online PR Podcast Interviews Janet Thaeler (

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