Newspapergrl Interviews the Mystic Affiliate Marketer

snakecharmerThis is an interview I did with an Indian mystic who is an incredibly successful affiliate marketer. A superstar who has made billions around the Internet. I call him the mystic affiliate marketer (just in time for Valentine's Day – I hope you feel the love) or MAM for short. I would make him a her but then this interview wouldn't be as believable. I hope it inspires you to dream a dream and accomplish the inevitable.

Newspapergrl: Hello MAM

MAM: [laughs]

There's no difference between building web sites and pushing products. It's like the waves of the ocean, though the forms are different, they are one.

Newspapergrl: I see. So you see opportunities to market and make money everywhere you look?

MAM: No matter what web sites it is that I build, money always comes. It is the same. It's like fire – no matter where you go in the world it is the same – it gives off heat.

Newspapergrl: I see.

So what makes you build successful web sites?

MAM: [laughs]

It's like asking a river why it flows or the sun why it gives light. It's my nature to make cash.

He tells me the same potential is within all of us.

Indeed it is.

Newspapergrl: Thank you LA for your wisdom today. People from all over the Internet look to you for inspiration and calm in a troubling, competitive and uncertain world. You bring us hope.

MAM: [laughs] then hugs me.

[cut to the sound of mystic waves crashing  to the shore]

I feel so enlightened after this interview. Thanks Nightline for a good laugh!! Here's the video, enjoy:

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