On the Way to the Summit

Off to Affiliate Summit. We’re riding up in a rental car and it is ipod enabled but not Internet-enabled. Just that the speedometer goes up to 240mph (ah there is that speed reference again, this time I want to maximize it) which makes you want to press the gas but cops hang out in the medians. I’m typing out blog posts on Word for posting later and I’ve already got TWO PAGES before I know it.

You know you’re an optimist when you bring what I packed for one short trip:

Money for Content and your Clicks for Free (cheesy title! so far not into it)
Crucial Conversations
Naked Conversations
Working With You Is Killing Me

Audio DVD:
Good to Great (almost done, very good)

Fast Company (love it, see next post)
Revenue (good as usual)

The way back I’ll be surrounded by geeks so we’ll see how much reading I can do. I feel like I haven’t really read or slept in a year (I’m being dramatic). It took three hours to get ready because I took care of a lot of details I have ignored for over a month.

A lot of people in the affiliate marketing industry work from home and I get a lot of varied responses on what people think about it.

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