Online PR Link Love: Ann Taylor Incident Angers the Internet

I could make this subtitled viral Utah – the good and the ugly.

  • A Utah woman with a guide dog got kicked out of an Ann Taylor store. It made local and national news (The Consumerist and Huffington Post picked it up). Ann Taylor first tried to blame the woman, but later came to their senses and apologized. They should've owned up faster and offered her a $100 gift card for their mistake. Becky Andrews was ready to burn her wardrobe and Ann Taylor got a lot more than $100 worth of bad PR.
  • After that story, you need a laugh. This no cost PR stunt from a comedy group out of Utah Valley State College. They filmed a guy trying to hold hands with strangers. It has over 4 million views on YouTube. My favorite is the woman who happily goes along with it (she's hoping that his move is shorthand for want to go out with me?) That's how I would've reacted if a hot guy walked up and started holding my hand, so that was my favorite part.
  • The World's Largest Webinar!
    With the Olympics coming, everyone is trying to set new records (even me). How about a marketing-related record? Great way to send out a press release and get some publicity. Hubspot is trying to get  in the Guinness Book of World Records for the world's largest webinar. July 12 at 10 am PT. Hosted by Dan Zarrella, HubSpot's Social Media Scientist, and Ben Watson, the VP of Marketing at HootSuite. Register today to be a part of HootSuite history!
  • Social Media writing guide.
    This is from a government agency (the CDC) but it's helpful for anyone who writes online. Make your own version for your business.

Have you ever been hated by a big group of people? I hope not. This is my news quote of the week:

“People don’t understand – when you screw up, and you feel that wave of energy of a million people saying, “Shame on you” – 20 minutes on that grill is enough to change your life. The body is not equipped to handle negative energy from so many people.”
-John Mayer on his PR crisis

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