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When I went to Affiliate Summit this January I got to meet some affiliate managers and get to know their programs. I'm always looking for programs that are well-run and responsive. In other words, when you have a question they will answer and they are genuinely interested in seeing bloggers succeed. I found some to recommend. Some are run by Greg Hoffman (who only runs programs in ShareASale and is a top notch affiliate manager) and Stephanie Robbins, another great manager.

If you're a blogger and want to learn affiliate marketing course, I recommend Tasha's course.

How The Best Affiliate Managers Can Help You:

  • They keep you updated on promotions.
  • They give you content ideas (StichFix does a great job of this).
  • They respond to email or other ways of contacting them (Jeannine at Affiliate Window is great at this).
  • They make it easier for you to promote their products. Melissa from Craftsy (she has since left) actually embeds your link into every email. She pre-writes tweets too. At a minimum you can copy/paste or edit then copy/paste. This is really helpful and I wish more affiliate managers did it!
  • I referred a blogger to the Grokker program, where Stephanie Robbins is the affiliate manager. I noticed that Stephanie actually commented on a post she wrote about Grokker. When I mentioned how great that is, and rare, here's what the blogger said:“She is incredibly easy to work with and gets back so fast. This is the first affiliate program I've ever had good response. So I'm super glad you mentioned them. I'd just about given up on affiliate with shareasale for a while. Now I'm looking for more great companies on there.”

Affiliate Marketing Programs I Recommend

Affiliate programs can change and sometimes get better, but other times they get worse. There are programs I like but I don't care for the affiliate manager – either you're on your own or they do little to help out. Some of these brands may be new to you however, they are successful programs that have options for most bloggers.

As of writing this post, these are some favorites.

There's a bigger list of affiliate programs and affiliate networks on my post, here.


Craftsy is a very popular online education site with 9 million members. Craftsy has online classes in crafts, cooking, sewing, drawing, and more. In addition they have the supplies you need for the classes you take. They are high quality, many of the instructors are bloggers, and you have lifetime access to classes. You can ask the instructor questions.


    • 75% of first-time course* purchases from new customers (30-day cookie)
    • 15% of existing customer course* purchases (5-day cookie)
    • 15% of Boundless, Colonial Manor and Cloudborn product purchases (30-day cookie for new customers, 5-day cookie for existing)
    • 4% of all other product purchases on Craftsy (5-day cookie)
    • *Third-party classes excluded (e.g. The Great Courses)

Sign up for the Craftsy affiliate program. Take a class yourself so you know how amazing their classes are.


Grokker offers online yoga classes and that is their absolute expertise. However, they expanded into HIIT and other exercise classes and cooking classes. It's ideal for fitness bloggers or lifestyle bloggers who attract moms that have a tough time getting the kids packed and out of the house and to a gym. I actually love their office workouts that you can do at your desk. I love seeing $10 showing up in my account every time someone signs up for a free trial.

Payout: $10 for each free trial
30 day cookie

Sign up for the Grokker affiliate program here.

Take a class on Grokker yourself first to see if it's a good fit for your blog. Get a free trial.

Amoils Healing Natural Oils

Essential oils from Amoils are a great fit for a natural health or family blog – you can promote high quality oils without the monthly order required from an MLM.

25% 60 day cookie
Average order size is $62
3% conversion rate
Sign up here.

100 Percent Pure

100 Percent Pure is all natural, organic and vegetarian skin care that is affordable and loved by celebs. I got a sample of their eye cream and I'm a big fan. I use it every night and it's really helped with under eye circles and bags under my eyes. First eye cream I've ever loved. Make sure to read the part that tells how many customers were happy with various aspects of their specific products. They're a good fit for beauty bloggers, natural living bloggers, or anyone who talks about skin care or makeup.

Payout: 10% per sale, 45 day cookie
Average order size is $80

Sign up here.


CleatSkins are covers that slip onto sports shoes (like cleats) to protect & keep them clean. So when your kids play soccer in the mud you can easily prevent that mud from tracking into your car and then your house. Ideal for bloggers who write about their kid's sports or solutions to things that come up in families.

$5 per sale, 60 day cookie
Sign up here.

Snake River Farms

Only 3% of all beef in the US receives the designation of Prime, yet Snake River Farms far exceeds the standard. Ideal for bbq bloggers, food bloggers and anyone who enjoys quality meat without antibiotics.

Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch are the premier brands of American Wagyu beef, Kurobuta Pork and Northwest source-certified beef for over 15 years. Now both brands present fantastic affiliate marketing opportunities for blogs and websites with food-centric content. Featured on the menus of the best restaurants in the world ranging from Michelin starred establishments to local business with an eye for extraordinary quality. At the table, Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch products impress with complex flavors, subtle sweetness and remarkable tenderness.

7% per sale, 60 day cookie
Sign up here.

Are you an affiliate of any of these programs? Which are your favorite affiliate programs or managers?

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