Recordings of Jeremy Palmer’s Affiliate Marketing Course

If you missed the first session of Jeremy Palmer's affiliate marketing course, you can listen to a recording of it on WebEx's web site. There are other free webinars on the site that sound good too. I wish there was some sort of rating system because it's basically just a list with no promotion. It's not just a free webinar on finding a niche – it's by an industry leader who is qualified and also good at teaching! I also wish I could subscribe so I get reminders of new webinars by my favorite presenters.

Also, I'm thinking, where's their blog? Then they could promote webinars and get comments on them.

Basically Jeremy is giving away information that he's invested a lot in learning – high quality information – free. He invests a lot in keeping up on the industry, testing, and reading. The best motivation is no results no pay. In other words, he's not on salary. The feedback I've heard so far is that it's the information is excellent and presented well. I heard one person say, “what's the catch?!!!?” and “is this for real??!?” In this case there is no catch and he is for real.

I write about Jeremy a lot since he's the super affiliate I know best. There aren't many super affiliates and I only know a couple. As his business has grown he's been more open to sharing what he's learned as an affiliate marketer with more people. Don't miss out.

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