Revenue Magazine on Affiliate Managers

I'm interested in the dynamics between affiliates and affiliate managers. Today's Revenue Magazine had a hilarious article called The Break Up about affiliate managers. After a fit of power or a justifiable denial, you reject their application. But you later run into them at a conference. They don't like you. You want to hide. Included in the story is a sensitive reply email template for you to soften the blow and avoid making enemies.

Affiliate managers don't get respect! Many abandon the effort as they see how much their affiliates are making. Like I say, if you can't beat them, join them!

However, some of us do better working for someone else. When you're your own boss you can't fire yourself, and sometimes people need to be fired.

Since affiliate marketing is pay-for-performance it weeds out the unperforming pretty fast. Either way, full time or as a side job, it's a great gig.

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