Straight Talk with Jon at Wickedfire

Notice I said straight and not straight edge…

Today I got a call from Jon at Wickedfire. He's just the kind of person I am both drawn to and repulsed by (in some ways). You can't believe what he owns up to.

He's 25 and has been in the spam or affiliate or online marketing industry since he was 14. Make that starting off with porn, which is really the beginnings of ecommerce. Again, I'm completely opposed to porn and I won't touch it. However you can learn from the  technology, online marketing, and affiliate marketing. By his own admission he got sick of porn but it was his training ground in SEO and online marketing.

He's smart (in a ‘community college' not an ‘ivy league' sort of way), swears a lot, and and talks fast. By his own admission there is no BS None. You know EXACTLY what he thinks.

This may make Jonas hate me worse but I think they'd get along and be great friends. I will type up our comments and make an article on AffiliateFlash (which is how he found me).

I started Affiliateflash because I needed an outlet for my writing. The affiliate marketing industry is endlessly fascinating to me. For the personalities, characters, and stories. It's still so new and is so dynamic.

Talking to people like Jon and ShopSite Designer Kyle Rodeck today was a fun trip. Great name dropping and a real kick talk to. Thanks for making my day guys.

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