Super Affiliate Jeremy Palmer – an Overnight Success?

Jeremy Palmer's email newsletters always fascinate me. I've interviewed him, study his ebook, and know him but I always learn so much when I read these. They are a bit sporadic but always real and full of good information.

I was interested in what Jeremy wrote about starting a business and becoming a success. From talking to him in the past, it seems as if his path to success was fairly straightforward and relatively painless. I should've known better. I also see how I could've asked more in-depth questions and really listened to the answers.

Here are some main points about his path to success to making over a million a year as an affiliate marketer:

  • He didn't quit his day job until I he had built up his savings account AND was earning a consistent and predictable income
    as an affiliate.
  • He was “a floundering entrepreneur” at one point, trying to make it as a web consultant. The business failed. There were other “failures” he learned from (mine are documented in this blog if anyone wants to read them, lol).
  • He quit his job prematurely once and put too much stock in one client, so the next time he took the time to lay a stronger foundation before he quit for good.
  • He worked on affiliate marketing part time at first (2-4 hours a night), after work and reinvested everything back into his business. He sacrificed a lot of free time and weekends.
  • Anyone who tells you it's easy to be an overnight success is lying to you. If you don't have a foundation, you will probably spend more money and time learning from your mistakes than getting rich.
  • Learn as much as you can but the most useful knowledge comes from your own experience. You learn most when you put what you've learned into action.
  • “It was hard managing a full-time job, family, and my new affiliate business at the same time, but I knew that if I put in the hard work
    it would pay off…you might be able to earn some pocket change by putting in such a minimal effort, but if you're serious about
    quitting your day job and earning a substantial income it's going to take work.”

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