Super Affiliate Jeremy Palmer’s Ebook

Jeremy Palmer just released his ebook about how to be a Superaffiliate. It's called High Performance Affiliate Marketing. You can print it out or read it online (constantly updated). There are also great support forums. Jeremy is very actively involved and will answer your questions.

Jeremy is a class act. He knows what he's doing — he made over $1million. He also is a gifted communicator who clearly presents his ideas. It's the most well-laid out ebook I've read yet. I interviewed him a few months ago and started my own affiliate site.

If you want to learn common sense approaches to search engine optimization, he's got a great section on that. You don't need to be an affiliate to learn how to find keywords and use the best paying ones to optimize your site for natural search.

Can't wait to try his techniques on my site! I'll let you know how it goes.

Jeremy is a Google Advertising Professionalthis means he passed the Goolge Adwords exam. The exam has over 100 questions and it is timed. Another qualification is to spent over $1K on a Google Adwords account in a 90-day period – nice marketing Google.

Jeremy is a Commission Junction Performer (see him featured on Commission Junction's web site). He also won the 2005 Horizon award for Innovation. To become a performer you must make at least $10,000 USD in commissions at Commission Junction every month for 3 months. That is $30K or $120K a year, though he made more than that.

Jeremy has become one of the most productive, compliant, and responsive publishers in the Commission Junction network earning him CJ Performer status. An invaluable source of original feedback and insight, Jeremy endeavors not only to succeed in his own program, but also to drive superior strategy and results for both advertisers and his publisher peers.

Jeremy is a Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador – like the Google certification but for Yahoo

Jeremy's technique takes time to learn but it's practically foolproof. Other affiliate marketers had good timing or good luck. Jeremy has consitant results. He knows exactly what he's doing. It's not by chance that he's been so successful. Lucky for us he's now teaching other people what he's perfected. I predict many more success stories to follow…

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