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Affiliate Marketing Tips Newsletter from Super Affiliate Jeremy Palmer

There was a time when people would hang on any word they could get from Jeremy Palmer. And they didn't get much. However, I'm noticed that Jeremy has a new openness and increased visibility in the industry.

Yesterday I got his email newsletter and it's amazing. He tells quite a bit about his strategy. He still makes 50% of his money with online dating. He tells about his strategy and helps you capitalize on Valentine's Day. Best of all this quality information is free.

I know Jeremy and he is a millionaire off affiliate marketing. He keeps doing better every year. He calls his newsletter the Success Series: sign up at the Quit Your Day Job web site. Or, get it on Jeremy Palmer's blog. It would be ideal to syndicate on Affiliate Flash. Now if I could just get in touch with him (I don't think he's any less busy) 😉

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