Tailwind Announces New Instagram Hashtag Finder Tool

Tailwind just released a brand-new, one-of-a-kind Hashtag Finder tool for Instagram! Type a hashtag onto your Tailwind post for Instagram and Tailwind will recommend related hashtags.

Why is Instagram so important to marketers and small business? Because Instagram dominates influencer marketing—and it’s unlikely to let up. If you're doing influencer marketing, Instagram is growing fast. Almost 80% of influencers said that Instagram was their #1 social network. Facebook was next.

On Instagram, hashtags are so important and The Hashtag Finder Tool will help you find the best hashtags for each post so you can expand your reach. Tailwind also helps you schedule and get Instagram analytics so you can reach your target market.

Here's an example of how the Hashtag Finder tool works:

You can add 30 relevant keywords to a post in less than a minute. Here's a video to show you exactly how it works:


Try it for Yourself

Tailwind's Instagram Hashtag Finder Tool

Save a List of Your Most Used Hashtags

Once you’ve found great new hashtags for your post, you may want to save them to use in the future. Tailwind also has Hashtag Lists so you can quickly import your hashtags into a list, save the list and easily add the same hashtags to a future post with just a few clicks. Another huge time saver!

Today your Instagram strategy has to include hashtags + engagement to get the highest exposure for your posts.

According to Tailwind, their members get A LOT more likes on Instagram . "Tailwind for Instagram members have grown Likes per Post five times faster than non-members." Their Smart Schedule guides you to post when your followers are most engaged. Tailwind is an official Instagram Partner and provides scheduling, analytics and promotion tools for Instagram and Pinterest.

As a Tailwind ambassador and got a sneak peek at this new feature - I can't wait to try it out and fingers crossed they have one for Pinterest next! Start your free trial of Tailwind's Instagram Hashtag Finder.

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Watch Out for Shadowbanning!

There are certain hashtags you shouldn't use on Instagram if you want your posts to be seen. Some are obvious (hashtags related to porn for example) and others aren't. Avoid this list of banned hashtags.

Instagram now uses several factors for your account to decide which posts to show. You can't just have a lot of hashtags but those posts need to have high engagement too. There are several factors in how your posts perform. There's even a new buzzword for posts that don't show up: shadowbanning. This new tool is a helpful step towards adding relevant hashtags and increasing engagement too.  Later.com also has this post on how to trend on Instagram and more about Instagram's algorithm.

Tailwind for Instagram Hashtag Finder - Full Screen Screenshot

The Incredible Growth of Instagram

Why should you care about Instagram? It's where people are now and increasingly going - look at the growth! The New York Times wrote a story about Instagram's growth and gives some clues on how they've achieved so much. As a marketer it's clear to me why Tailwind has focused more on Instagram. According to Pinterest, they hit 150 million monthly users in 2016. Compare that to Instagram today at 700 million - more than 6x the growth.

  • Every 9 months since Facebook bought Instagram (5 years ago), Instagram added an additional 100 million users.
  • Last year, it grew to 600 million users in only six months.
  • Today Facebook says that 700 million people use Instagram each month. 400 million of those users use it daily.
  • They've copied and improved on Snapchat features.
  • Growth has been worldwide. Today more than 80% of Instagram’s users are from outside the United States.
  • Instagram users skew female with the majority (60%) being female and 40% male. Pinterest is more like 70/30 (source). Both are ideal for reaching the dot mom demographic.

I hope the next step is for Tailwind to give stats on which hashtags deliver the most engagement for you, as well as see the average number of likes and comments you get for different hashtags.

Have you tried this new Instagram hashtag tool from Tailwind? What did you think?


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