The Super Affiliate Handbook – Rosalind Gardner’s Ebook

I'm about half way through The Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner. It's long but most of it reads fast.

This is an ebook for beginner affiliates. It covers everything from different hosting companies to forum etiquette (huh?!).

Rosalind for the most part avoids technical jargon. She writes to the average person. There doesn't seem to be a particular system or strategy. She takes a long-term approach.

You will:

  • Get her privacy policy for your web site. She lets you copy it word for word.
  • Get 10 scripts you can use. Scripts allowing people to ‘bookmark this page' or one to create pop-ups.
  • Get tips on writing newsletters and articles (I recommend Turn Words into Traffic to learn how to write well online).
  • See how things are done with her useful screenshots. These are especially helpful when she explains how to do keyword research.

If you're just starting out you can learn about affiliate marketing in a non-threatening way. My biggest gripe is this book just tries to cover too much ground. It goes very wide and broad and therefore most subjects are just skimmed over. It seems like there are several mini-books and that including so many side topics, the main message is diluted.

The best new tip I've learned so far: use to find books on a subject. Scan index pages or tables of contents to get new keywords and to educate yourself about an industry.

This book could use another edit…

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