The Ultimate List of Facebook Groups for Bloggers in Every State

I compiled a list of Facebook groups for bloggers, listed by state.

I love Facebook Groups for how easy they are to use and how much you can learn from them. The networking and sharing in a well-run group has made my job and career easier. I find them more powerful than LinkedIn groups, especially for bloggers and local groups.

When you join a Facebook group in your state you'll find out about local events, sponsored posts and other opportunities!

facebook groups for bloggersI started Utah Bloggers Facebook group in 2010 and it has grown to over 850 members. Over the years I've hosted many blogger events for local businesses, restaurants and conferences. It's one of my passions. I'm also the admin of several other groups and belong to many. I guess I'm somewhat of an addict. Since I started working for a blogger ad network I have gotten to know bloggers from all over and I recognize many faces in these groups.

If you're a blogger, I highly recommend that you join a Facebook group for the state you live in. Then you can attend live events and collaborate with people in your area. To help out, I've assembled a list of Facebook groups in every state.

Before you join, make sure you read the rules because every group is different. Some are very strict, others let almost anything go. There are groups that share posts, groups that allow businesses to post and everything in between.

One more thing. I'm surprised by how many groups haven't customized their URL. To do that you need to go into your group settings and set up an email. Whatever you use for the email will also be your URL. Instead of numbers it will be

My only complaint about Facebook Groups is how hard it is to search for and find them! Use this URL but replace the search. I put blog in because I was looking for blogging related Facebook groups.
To search more than one term, blog%20Massachusetts put a % between each, like a space.

Also, if you search and click enter you will see tabs and can select groups. So here it is:

The Ultimate List of Facebook Groups for Bloggers in Every State

Alabama Bloggers Facebook Group

“This will be a place for us to ask blogging related questions, cross promote our blogs and help build a community of both local readerships and global. We also encourage everyone to share information about local happenings and fun things going on around Alabama.” I noticed that many of the posts were sharing blog posts.

Membership: When I checked there were almost 400 members.
URL to join:

Alaska Bloggers Facebook Group

Alaska Bloggers is a place for online writers who live in Alaska to gather together to network and share region-specific opportunities.
Membership: 84
URL to join:

Arizona Bloggers Facebook Groups

“This is a fun place to connect and network with bloggers all over the state of Arizona!”
Membership: about 650
URL to join:

Arizona Bloggers Meetup
“A place for AZ bloggers to connect and gather info on networking events and meetups.”
Membership: 360
URL to join:


Arkansas Bloggers Facebook Group

While I found pages for bloggers, I couldn't find any public or closed Facebook groups for Arkansas.

California Bloggers Facebook Groups

Southern California Bloggers
“Only requirement of being in this group is to be a blogger in Southern California. Lets help each other and share! ”
Membership: almost 800
URL to join:

Southern California Lady Bloggers
Private Facebook group for Southern California women bloggers. You must be from SoCal and have an active blog (posts from within the last 3 months) to join. If we can't verify your location or your blog name, you will not be approved. If you are from outside of the area, we'd be happy to help you find a local group to join.

California Mom Bloggers
“Community of Mom Bloggers in California. Invite your friends. We encourage you and invite you to get listed on our website at (Are you a dad blogger? Not a mom or parent? Not a problem! You just need to blog or be learning to blog in California!)”
Members: 536
URL to join:

Colorado Bloggers Facebook Groups

Colorado Blogger Club
No formal description but the chatter is sharing posts, asking for opinions and it is business-friendly. They have monthly blogger happy hour events.
Membership: 136 members
URL to join:

Denver/Colorado Bloggers
“A group for Denver & Colorado bloggers to keep in contact and build our local blogging community. Open to all Denver/Front Range/Colorado bloggers. Please add yourself and feel free to invite your friends!” This group is very similar to Colorado Blogger Club.
Membership: 137
URL to join:

Connecticut Bloggers Facebook Groups

The private Facebook group for Connecticut Bloggers. Visit us at
Membership: 300
URL to join:

There is a Connecticut food bloggers group too.

Delaware Bloggers Facebook Group

I couldn't find any groups for Delaware.

Florida Bloggers Group

Central Florida Bloggers
“This is a mutually beneficial blogging group open to anyone who blogs in Central Florida. The purpose of this group is to support local bloggers by promoting them on any social media platforms available (twitter, stumbleupon, facebook, digg, etc.)”
Membership: 400 members
URL to join:

Georgia Bloggers Facebook Group

Georgia Social Media Moms – private group, ask in the other Georgia groups.

Georgia Teaching Bloggers
The biggest Facebook group in this state is for school teachers!
Membership: 100
URL to join:

Georgia Bloggers Group
No description given
Membership: 28
URL to join:

Hawaii Blogger Facebook Groups

Hawaii Food Bloggers
“Do you blog about local restaurants, recipes, and food? Or are you just a fan of local food blogs that wants to join in the discussion? Then join our group and help us grow the ranks of the Hawaii Food Bloggers!

Group members feel free to post links to your new blog posts or any interesting links you'd like to share!” Check out our website for links to local food blogs:
Membership: 67
URL to join:

Idaho Blogger Facebook Groups

Idaho Mom Bloggers
“This group is all about supporting each other in our blogging adventures and building up our community. Please no sales posts unless you are asking for reviews/giveaways. While we want to help Idaho Moms build their blogs, we also want to be able to chat about our life as friends.”
Membership: 50
URL to join:


Illinois Blogger Facebook Group

Chicago Area Blogger Connection
“The purpose of this group is to give Chicago Area Bloggers a venue through which they can connect with one another – share posts, giveaways, news and concerns. We encourage all who ask to become members to actually BE bloggers.”
Membership: 368
URL to join:

Indiana Blogger Facebook Group

Indiana Women Bloggers
No description given
Membership: 357
URL to join:

Iowa Blogger Facebook Group

Iowa Bloggers
Connecting Iowa Bloggers to interact through online social media and network.
Membership: 149
URL to join:

Kansas Blogger Facebook Group

Kansas City Mom Bloggers
No description given.
Membership: 24
URL to join:

Kentucky Bloggers Facebook Groups

Kentucky Food Bloggers
“This is closed discussion group for Kentucky food bloggers! Members must have an active blog and must live in Kentucky or otherwise have some connection to our Commonwealth.”
Membership: 108
URL to join:

Kentucky Bloggers Network
No description given.
Membership: 42
URL to join:

Louisiana Bloggers Facebook Group

Lousiana Teacher Blog Meetup
Membership: 22
URL to join:

Maine Bloggers Facebook Group

Maine Bloggers Media Group
“This is a place for Maine bloggers to help support one another and grow together as successful bloggers! We are more than just a group of bloggers looking to get ahead, we are a tight nit group of blogging friends that genuinely care.”
Membership: 19
URL to join:

Maryland Bloggers Facebook Group

Maryland Bloggers
“This is a networking and support group specifically for bloggers that live in/around Maryland and are actively blogging.”
Membership: 174
URL to join:

Massachusetts Bloggers Facebook Groups

Boston Bloggers
“Welcome to Boston Bloggers! Whether you live in downtown Boston or make your home in New Hampshire or Rhode Island, you're welcome in this group.”
I loved their cover image because it's easy to see the rules and very clear. It is inspiring me to make mine better!
Membership: 1,271
URL to join:


Boston Parent Bloggers
“NOTE: Please visit for access to the Facebook Group. Membership is free.

Boston Parent Bloggers is a group for folks in the Boston area who are interested in sharing ideas and resources. It’s a chance for new and seasoned bloggers to experience a sense of local community. It’s also an opportunity for us to leverage our collective influence in the blogging arena. The group is open to bloggers, vloggers and podcasters who are local to the Boston area (Would you drive to Boston for an event? If yes, you’re close enough!) and who focus on issues of importance to parents and families. It is not a venue to advertise services or for self-promotion.”

I like how they have a process for getting accepted because it's a challenge group owners have. They created a website where you can join. Again, I'm stealing this idea.
Membership: 196
URL to join:

Michigan Bloggers Facebook Group

Michigan Bloggers
“For bloggers who live in Michigan – I have a feeling most of us will be from the metro Detroit area but any and all Michiganders are welcome!”
Membership: 153
URL to join:

Minnesota Bloggers Facebook Group

Minnesota Bloggers
Membership: 329
“This group was created as a way for Minnesota bloggers to meet, interact and get to know fellow bloggers who reside in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas of Minnesota.”
URL to join:

Mississippi Bloggers Facebook Group

Mississippi Writers & Bloggers
“The purpose of this group is to provide writers and bloggers a place to network. Work in PR, journalism, marketing, HR or any other field that includes writing, blogging or social media? Or, do you write as a hobby? Let's highlight the current and future generations of Mississippi Writers!”
Membership: 31
URL to join:

Missouri Bloggers Facebook Group

No groups found.

Montana Bloggers Facebook Group

Montana Bloggers
“A group for bloggers in Montana to connect and network regardless of niche.”
Membership: 27
URL to join:

Nebraska Bloggers Facebook Group

Nebraska Bloggers
“Groups make it easier than ever to share with friends, family and teammate.”
Membership: 27
URL to join:

Nevada Bloggers Facebook Groups

Bloggers of Las Vegas
“Content publishers {aka BLOGGERS} who are local to Las Vegas who are wanting to grow their business through networking with others and through education.”
Membership: 210
URL to join:

Las Vegas Bloggers Network
“A social group for bloggers living in Nevada and Southern Utah to connect and socialize. Please add your blog information here:”
Membership: 97
URL to join:

New Hampshire Bloggers Group

New England Bloggers
“Welcome to NE Bloggers – We're a group of NE Bloggers looking to network together. You'll find opportunities posted in the group for reviews and events.”
Membership: 91
URL to join:

New Jersey Bloggers Groups

New Jersey Blogger Network
“The New Jersey Blogger Network is a group of professional bloggers in the greater New Jersey area.”
Membership: 231
URL to join:

New Jersey Bloggers
“Group connecting New Jersey bloggers, writers and enthusiasts.”
Membership: 108
URL to join:

New Mexico Bloggers Facebook Group

I couldn't find any active groups.

New York Bloggers Facebook Groups

New York City Travel Writers
“This group is dedicated solely to New York City-based travel bloggers/writers as a centralized resource where we can share event invites, post local job openings, talk about interesting NYC-related topics, and organize social events here in NYC.”
Membership: 723
URL to join:

New York City Blogger Network
“This Group is for Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion, Health, Fitness and Mommy bloggers to connect, share tips and info related to blogging. ”
They require you to add your name to their list or risk being removed. Smart.
Membership: 239
URL to join:

North Carolina Bloggers Facebook Group

North Carolina Bloggers
“This is a group for bloggers who live in North Carolina. It is a place to share and network.”
Membership: 162
URL to join:

North Dakota Bloggers Facebook Group

North Dakota Bloggers
“Hey No Dak Bloggers!! Feel free to post questions, photos, topic ideas, anything you like! I am hoping this space can be for support and feedback. You could possibly connect with a guest blogger, get together for coffee or share blogger tips, you name it!”
Membership: 272
URL to join:

Ohio Bloggers Facebook Group

Ohio Bloggers
No description
Membership: 85 members
URL to join:

Oklahoma Bloggers Facebook Group

Oklahoma Women Bloggers
“This closed group is only for registered members of Oklahoma Women Bloggers. If you would like to join the community, please visit for more information and join our Facebook page by searching for Oklahoma Women Bloggers.”
Membership: 124
URL to join:

Oregon Bloggers Facebook Groups

Portland Bloggers- Blog Post Feed
A place for Portland Bloggers to promote their blogs with other area writers and readers! Shareyour blog post LINK the day you post and COMMENT on as many other bloggers' posts as you are able to!
Membership: 239
URL to join:

Portland Bloggers – Discussion Feed
“A feed for Portland Bloggers to ask questions or advice on all topics blogging. Get advice on design, monetization, social networking, content creation, and more through this feed. We encourage all types of blogging discussion!”
Membership: 186
URL to join:

Pennsylvania Bloggers Facebook Group

“feel free to talk about anything this group is uncensored and the freedom of speech act is exercised.” This one wins the award for anything goes.
Membership: 140
URL to join:

Rhode Island Bloggers Facebook Group

See New England Bloggers.

South Carolina Bloggers Facebook Group

Carolina Blogging
“This Group is for bloggers who blog/write and live in the Carolina's. Where we come together to support each other and soon to be local events. Learn, Network and Grow with us at Carolina Blogging!”
Membership: 70
URL to join:

South Dakota Bloggers Facebook Group

I only found one group specific to South Dakota but it has had a post since 2013.  See North Dakota.

Tennessee Bloggers Facebook Group

No description given.
Membership: 57
URL to join:

Tennessee Bloggers
Feel free to add other bloggers from TN! Be respectful and help one another!
Membership 14
URL to join:

Texas Bloggers Facebook Groups

Texas Bloggers
“Open all bloggers in Texas not just limited to Texas area Women Bloggers. This is an educational group to help us figure out this crazy world of blogging. Feel free to ask questions or help others with all things blogging.”
Membership: 663
URL to join:

Houston Bloggers
“Houston Bloggers secret group where we can share, connect, and ask questions that can't be asked anywhere else. This group is about HELPING and ENCOURAGING each other!” I like the element of mystery in this group.
Membership: 444
URL to join:

Austin Bloggers
“Welcome to the Austin Bloggers group! We are a group of 340+ bloggers that are here to educate and encourage one another. We share online resources and opportunities, and enjoy socializing offline as well.

We have had the opportunity to work with many brands, including McDonald's, Ford, The Texas Beef Council, Stoneyfield Farm, Vicks and many more.”
First group to mention sponsors by name.
Membership: 416
URL to join:

Utah Bloggers Facebook Group

Utah Bloggers (my group)
Started in 2010, the group is a place to share information, solve problems and network with other bloggers who live in Utah. We have events, meet at conferences and many of us have been friends for a long time. It's an active group that allows share requests and individual posts every Wednesday. Utah has a lot of bloggers and we welcome them here.
Membership: 850
URL to join:

The Utah Bloggers
“This group is JUST for bloggers, not brands and is a safe place to ask pretty much ANYTHING (no need to be “on”)” They have daily share posts. If you don't participate you will be removed from the group.” There is some overlap in members from Utah Bloggers but the two groups have their own styles and content. We're friends.
Membership: 250
URL to join:

Utah Chic Bloggers
“All kinds of trendy blogs are welcome. This group is for Utah Fashion Bloggers, Beauty Bloggers, Design Bloggers, Lifestyle Bloggers, Photography bloggers, and any other fun & trendy blog we can think of. At this time we are not accepting blogs that are personal, political, or religious.”
Membership: 290
URL to join:

Vermont Bloggers Facebook Group

Can't find one, see New England bloggers.

Virginia Bloggers Facebook Groups

Virginia Bloggers Networking
“The goal of this group is to provide a place for us to share blog posts, follow each other, and stay up to date on local meet ups!”
Membership: 90
URL to join:

Virginia Bloggers Club
“The Virginia Bloggers Club is for serious bloggers looking to connect with opportunities and other people in Northern Virginia. We also accept bloggers close by in Maryland and DC.”
Membership: 160
URL to join:

Washington Bloggers Facebook Groups

Seattle Bloggers Unite
“Seattle Bloggers Unite is a meeting place for Seattle bloggers. This private Facebook group is a forum where bloggers can introduce themselves, ask questions, and share general news & events. Feel free to sign up for our newsletter at or follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@SBUmeetup). ALL SELF-PROMOTIONAL POSTS should be saved for Free-for-all-Fridays.”
Membership: 820
URL to join:

Washington Bloggers
“Anything and everything… It's a way for Washington Bloggers to connect.”
Membership: 40
URL to join:

West Virginia Bloggers Facebook Group

Charleston Blog Society
“The Charleston Blog Society aims to create a community for professional local bloggers. From supporting other local blogs over social media to social events and scheduled seminars. Current members are able to invite new members and admins can approve membership requests. Please note that members should be professional bloggers only (vs vendors who maintain a blog for their business).”
Membership: 94
URL to join:

Wisconsin Facebook Bloggers Group

Wisconsin Bloggers
“This group is for Wisconsin Bloggers to collaborate, network, and learn from each other! If you are a WI blogger and would like to be added, please send a message to the admin (Kristy Smith) including your blog URL. :)”
Membership: 65
URL to join:

Wyoming Facebook Bloggers Group

Wyoming Bloggers
No description
Membership: 21
URL to join:

If I missed any groups or if you have suggestions or changes, please comment below. The numbers were accurate when this post was written.

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