Tips from a Super Affiliate

These tips come from super affiliate Jeremy Palmer's speech today. It was entertaining to watch advertisers ask a lot of questions during the Q&A try to get in a plug for their program or try to find out how to recruit him.

Top Tips from Jeremy Palmer:

  • Block off a horizontal space on your site for your call to action. Don't clutter your page with more than one offer. Also, the most viewed part of your site is the top left hand corner. Try putting the offer there.
  • Use images that match your marketing message (example: marketing online dating for Asians, get pictures of Asian men and women) and put a call to action under the image as a caption. Research shows that people read captions.
  • Don't add both affiliate links and AdSense. People think that visitors to their site will at least make money off a click if the visitor doesn't make an affiliate sale on their page. However, it usually means people won't do either one. Along the same theme he said, keep it to one offer per page.

Jeremy's wish list for CJ Advertisers is he wants to see top and base line conversion rates and reversal rates for their programs. Also he said he'd rather have bonuses spread out across each sale than a big bonus payout in a lump sum.

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