Utah Home to 6 Mattress Companies Including the Newest: mvmnt Mattress

As far as I know, Utah is home to 7 bed in a box mattress companies, including: Purple mattress in Alpine, Voila in Lehi, Linenspa in Logan, Cariloha in Sandy, Legends Sleep in Park City, and the newest: mvmnt mattress which is based in Salt Lake City. The company, which is locally funded, launched just 8 weeks ago. Each of these brands is unique in it's own way. They're all sold primarily online. In an online world full of all-the-same foam block mattresses, these brands are unique.

  • Purple has what they call the comfort grid which is a flexible polymer top layer and no memory foam.
  • Voila is a hybrid (springs) mattress in a box started by online marketers and others who've been in the space far before they were popular and as well known.
  • Linenspa is known for their plush memory foam mattresses that are economically priced, along with sheets and other bedding products.
  • Legends Mattress (I don't know much about them yet).
  • Cariloha sells a bamboo mattress and luxury bamboo sheets.
  • Mvmnt fills a niche in the luxury bedding market with an entirely different concept of customized sleep.
  • HeroBed is a hybrid bed that gives to different charities when you buy a mattress (use code TWOMOMS for $400 off a HeroBed).

Started by former competitive athletes who are now in their 40s or older, mvmnt wanted to address those who have longer recovery times. After years of hitting it hard they now have different needs for support (backs and joints need extra TLC). It's the most expensive but most high end mattress with the most premium materials I've seen in a boxed brand. They spent 3 years sourcing every inch of the mattress.

Mvmnt sleep

Mvmnt rivals the Reverie brand except that it sells entirely online. Both make a customizable mattress that has different density foam cores that can be reconfigured and changed out. Except that ALL layers of mvmnt can be changed – they fit together like Lego pieces. Your side could be plush and your partner's can be firm by changing the foam layers. Even their queen size mattress is split so each side can be a different level of plush. You can mix up the layers for a custom feel – up to 10 different configurations.

The intricate lines of the foam fit like a tongue in groove. A cheap foam couldn't be beveled and made this way – it would fall apart. The grooves and cuts allow for air flow between layers and out the sides.

mvmnt customizable mattress

The most impressive part of mvmnt is the premium foam and material. Everything is sourced for the best quality possible. The foam is from Switzerland and bears the country's familiar cross symbol. The wool cover was made in Italy by the same company that makes Armani suits. It's a full 16 inches thick with a removable and flippable top layer.

They told me they plan to come out with the Titan next. It's an oversized (7 feet two inches long and an extra 8 inches wide compared to a regular king) mattress that is ideal for those who can't easily fit on a traditional king. That means it fits the Thurl Baileys of the world (who is 6 foot 11 inches tall) and other very tall and/or large athletes. The Titan comes with a custom frame and luxury sheets.

Mvmnt Mattress

Luxury Bedding Fit for Queens

Mvmnt sheets are imported and custom made through a partnership with Peter Reed (the same sheet brand started in 1861 that the queen of England approves of and sleeps on). They gave me a set to try and it feels like my bed is a 5 star hotel every night. I can't wait until they come out with pillows!

Peter Reed sheets for Mvmnt mattress

Everything they do seems to be deliberate and though it's not cheap – the value is higher than the price tag. What's unique about mvmnt? The inside can be disassembled, moved and then reassembled where you need it. In addition, each sheet of foam can be replaced. So it's imaginable that you could only need this mattress for the rest of your life.

Utah Tops in Mattress Searches

Search mattress on Google Trends and Utah usually comes up as the top state for searches performed. Utah likely sells a lot of mattresses since we have the 3rd fastest growing state, #1 for population growth and a higher than average birth rate. We also have high rates of marriage.

According to a…study from Pew, while American millennials are delaying marriage more than ever before, Utah has the highest percent of married people between the ages of 20 and 34. Over half of the millennials in Utah are married. That’s more than double the number in Washington D.C.

All of these factors increase the chances that Utahns will need to buy a mattress and these Utah-based companies are making an impact on sleep. Today I got a mvmnt mattress which was set up to my preferences, white glove service and everything. I'm looking forward to seeing how it sleeps. We currently sleep on a Purple and also have a Voila.

If you own a Utah-based sleep-related business, I'd love to know about it. After years of not really having a niche, an influencer marketing campaign with Purple drew me to the mattress industry. If that's you, please use the contact form to contact me.

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