Utah Bloggers Chime in on Seth Godin’s Visit

Here's a list of other posts from friends, please let me know if I missed any:

Phil Windley
Phil801 – the man with the mission – he's who began the effort to bring Seth Godin to Utah. While he did get Seth to Utah, he almost didn't get him home on time. BTW, I think this is an article, not a blog post.
More from Phil, this time with Seth Godin pictures of the heads being shaved (which Seth seemed to really enjoy)
Chris Knudsen – who wrote a pretty funny satire on the event too. He doesn't mention he saw me there (I'll get over it)
Buzz Boosters – with a picture of all of us on the Wordmob team with Seth Godin
Carolyn Duncan has some good closeups on the head shaving!

Men Outnumber the Women (as usual)
I think there were maybe 10 women in the audience of almost 400. I saw Erika from StopDirt (she's an inspiration – I tell her story to my students to illustrate finding suppliers for products. I saw Laura Moncur of Pick Me! (her blog is a .org).

I saw Lorri Randle from Copper Rain productions.

Friends Buzz Boosters Shahar and Nashlah Boyayan were there. I hoped to see Cyd Tetro.

I got to sit next to Kelly from Startup Princess who gave Seth a cookie decorated like the cover of his book. Always bearing gifts, she had jeweled rings for us (thanks Kelly! Mine broke, need another one).

I stopped by the brand new Ikea store on the way home. Marketing genius. I loved the sign in the elevator and it summed up Seth's points well. Customers talk about you rather than you spamming them when you are remarkable. They do your marketing for you.

There was a sign about how family friendly the store is – they have baby food, changing tables, and even a playground in the store. A young punk rock mom was ahhing over it -telling her baby about all the attractions and how exciting it was to be at Ikea. I got a kick out of it.

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