Affiliate Marketers – Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Clickbank

I read an interview that Miles Baker did with Clickbank – the place to buy and sell ebooks and downloadable products. What I like about Clickbank is how easy it is to sign up and use. What I don't like (which they've tried to clean up) is the quality of products isn't always very high. I also think for the most part, people haven't heard of them and don't talk about them.
Here are some fascinating facts about Clickbank

  • They do over 21,000 transactions a day
  • On average, they take in about $1 million of revenue every day
  • They have 110,000 active affiliates
  • Out of 1.2 million accounts created, about 1.2 percent of them earn a full-time income from ClickBank (incidentally the percentage of affiliates who earn enough to “quit their day jobs” is very small. If I were better than math and not tired right now I'd figure out of the active affiliates, what percentage make a full time income (whatever that is). My point is, it's usually pretty low. Most people make passive income.
  • The percentage of people making a full-time income on Clickbank is on par with the percentage of people on eBay who earn a full-time income.
  • Advertising spots on Clickbank cost about $400-$500 a month.

Here's an example of a product that typical to Clickbank: Convert Your Car To Burn Water + Gasoline = Double Your Mileage!

I used to promote Jeremy Palmer's ebook but he made it free (thank you!). His is more from the perspective of a paid search marketer but it still has a lot of information that applies to online marketing in general. It goes more in-depth.

If you want a more general overview of affiliate marketing from the affiliate perspective (promoting other people's products online in exchange for a portion of the sales price) I recommend Rosalind Gardners affiliate marketing handbook.

Oh and I know someone who made money promoting this language site: Rocket Spanish – Learn Spanish online with interactive games and downloadable Spanish lessons.

There are a lot of knowledge gaps that could be filled with an ebook. I noticed there isn't a lot on Google or paid search, or even SEO. It seems like there is space for a primer on each. Anyone want to write an ebook? I have one that I've never completed. Writing an ebook is A LOT of work and time. Which is why I promote other people's work as an affiliate instead.

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