Why Affiliate Marketing and Information Marketing Rock

If you're a regular reader of my blog you know this blog is my personal journey through and reports of the affiliate marketing and internet marketing industries. I've had a broad range of experiences over the past few years. Recently I've done dropshipping and ecommerce sites and learned some things.

Dropshipping has one huge drawback at first – inventory. All new relationships are rocky. There is no trust built and there is unfamiliarity. For drop shipping to work it's got to become a real business relationship, not hands off. If you want to have a profitable drop ship business – like many of my friends have – you ride this time out.

Small retailers run out of stock on their products more often than I thought. I made a sale on my site and I didn't know the item was out of stock until weeks had gone by. Tough to provide good customer service when you don't know what's going on. Babysitting job.

Then I recently won an eBay auction for a tent. They didn't tell me they used a dropshipper until I complained that I hadn't heard from them. It's been over a month and no tent. No refund (the dispute is in process).

Affiliate marketing means I don't worry about fulfillment at all. The merchant does. No customer complains or worries. I don't have to think about my site while I'm on vacation or a business trip. I get a check for ebooks I sell and they NEVER run out of stock. Instant delivery.

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