Why you should hire me to write your next press release

I just had someone contact me to do their SEO PR – or to write their next press release. If you're looking for someone to help with your online PR – writing press releases that are search engine friendly – here are

5 reasons you should hire me to write your next press release:

  1. I'm an internet marketer so I approach press releases from an SEO standpoint. In other words, I'm new school, not old school in my approach. My career has been about making information findable online – which includes your news.
  2. I use keyword research and optimization to get backlinks and traffic to your web site.
  3. I'm a writer and a marketer (my first book will be out this Fall). I write to attract people to your business. What is the best way to attract people? With good stories. Like the one I wrote a press release for Jeremy Shoemaker (Shoemoney). It got great press coverage. He wasn't looking for online coverage he wanted media attention and he got it. People respond to EMOTION not just logic. Stories capture emotion and a good story is what makes a good press release.
  4. My goal is to get search engines to find your news and people to take interest in it and/or share it.
  5. I will get the best results for you on PRWeb. I've been using PRWeb for many years for many clients. I've attended their seminars and consistently try to learn everything I can about optimizing their system. When they gave editorial scores I got several 5s (perfect score). I also know other online distribution sites well. It just depends on your needs and your budget.  Most press releases get thousands of impressions and hundreds of clicks within the first few days of going live.

Why you shouldn't hire me to write your next press release

There are also reasons you shouldn't hire me. Here they are.

  1. You have no news to share or nothing to say about your business. This happens. I can coach you through it but I've learned there are businesses for whom finding news is challenging. Since you need to send out news regularly this might be too painful for both of us.
  2. You want only traditional media and want your press release written in traditional media style. I'm not good at all of the fancy language and convulted ways of writing. I try not to let a sentence get longer than 12 words.
  3. You have to get press releases approved by several layers of people. If it takes entire departments and weeks to get through your approval process, don't hire me. There are some industries (like the one my husband works in – financial planning) that are so regulated that I would not do the best possible job for you.
  4. You only send one press release or maybe two a year. Not because you don't have things to write about but because that's your budget. You can hire me but my best clients are ones who get results (of course, because it makes us both look good). It's tough to get good results with a sporadic effort. Better to do-it-yourself and read my book on best practices.
  5. You want print or traditional media coverage only. My main focus is getting you in search engines and on major news web sites. You might get a call from a journalist but that is not usually my focus. The Shoemoney press release was unusual and I didn't plan on it – I just tried to tell the story well and it had the raw ingredients to make a great story.

You might think I'm being a snob – but I'm being practical. I do all my own work. I'm not interested in being hiring other writers. I've tried it and it doesn't work for me. I'm really interested in RESULTS. I hate it when I get a client and for various reasons they don't see results.

The only other case that I can think of is your web site is so bad and has so little information on it that it's not going to be effective to send people to your site. This is rare but happens.

I love press releases for the large distribution they can give far beyond what most people can get on their own blog or networks (you might be able to reach hundreds of people on your own while online distribution exposes you to thousands). The press release is not dead or dying but it has evolved. As long as businesses have announcments to make there will be press releases.

If my style fits what you're looking for, I like to write your next press release. Just contact me. If you use this link to sign up for PRWeb then I'll take $25 off your first  press release – just mention this post for the discount.

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