WickedFire Starting Affiliate Subscription Sites

WickedFire is going to do a series of subscription sites. Each site will charge a subscription fee. Affiliates will be paid net 15 days from the date of sale. Not only that. they will pay residual so you'll make money every month someone stays subscribed.

It looks like the subscription cost will be around $10 a month. I haven't gotten into subscription models but there was a lot of people talking about them at the InternetMarketingSuperConference. Affiliates love to get paid quickly and make residual. If the quality of the sites is high it will probably be very successful.

Is anyone else doing this? Jon has been into online marketing for 11 years and knows what he's doing. I'll be watching this October to see the response.

P.S. Once I meet or talk to someone on the phone, they get on my radar. I had Jon's site on my Bloglines but I didn't follow his blog as much until I actually spoke to him. Now I have catching up reading to do.

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