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Rosalind Gardner and Jeremy Palmer presented at Affiliate Summit today about YouTube Marketing. The big revelation of the day is that they both tried to do an infomercial to teach affiliate marketing & both weren't accepted. I think affiliate marketing is a bit tough for a mass market to do.

Jeremy talked about people running search ads to their YouTube Channel which then links to their other social sites. YouTube is an authority site so it helps lift your other sites (make sure to link to Facebook, Twitter, your blog, etc).

YouTube Stats
Video is a huge opportunity for any marketers. People watch an average of 5 videos a day. YouTube is responsible for 25% of the traffic of all Google properties. Rosalind says that other than direct traffic, YouTube sends her the most traffic. That is saying a lot because she's been marketing online for 12+ years.

Go to Google and type in learn affiliate marketing and you'll see Joel Comm's video in the top 5. Rosalind has 2 related videos off Joel Comm's site.

Tips for Optimization a Video on YouTube

  1. Put keywords in the title of your video. Also in your description and in the tags.
  2. Choose the right category for your video (search your competition & see what they do, leave a comment, network, etc).
  3. Choose your thumbnail – supposedly you can choose 3 options of what shows up about your video after you upload it.
  4. Allow ratings, comments, voting, embedding, syndication
  5. Link to your web site in the description

Google Ranks Videos with:

  • strong title, descriptions + tags
  • get a lot of views, comments, votes (send it to your list & otherwise promote it to get views right away).
  • ratings + # of views

In your videos you can ask people to rate and comment on your video.


  • Tubemongul (free) to promote your video on various sites
  • TrafficGeyser (paid) to promote your video
  • Look at YouTube Insights to see when people drop off (usually 2.5 mins max)
  • Cameras: Flip (but doesn't have firewire or audio plugin) MiniDV (will fill in rest later)
  • Tripod $50 or less
  • Studio  – keep it clean to eliminate distractions
  • Software: Movie Maker (PC) iMovie (Mac)
  • Screencasting Jing (free) Camtasion (this is what I use)
  • Microphone (don't just use the internal mic – it will pick up background noise)
  • Green scree
  • JW Player –,
  • Amazon S3 for hosting video
  • Pay a designer to make a custom background

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